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Call Flow

In contact centers and enterprises, call can flow from the users to the customers or vice a versa. In case of an inbound call flow, all the incoming calls lands from the softswitch to the call server. The Call Server (Call Manager) monitors the calls and passes the calls to the application for further processing. The main role of a softswtich is to efficiently route calls across disparate networks. It bridges the calls from packet-based networks to circuit-switched networks such as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). VoIP softswitches also play an important role in the security of a service provider’s network. They are typically used to control the sets of media gateways and handle the registration of each user as they access the network. As the call lands on the agent’s phone via the applicable routing policies defined for the inbound campaign, the session manager sends CRM information at the user’s desktop.

For outbound calls, the outbound campaign validates the call as per the defined policies, verifies for the Do-not Call compliance and notifies the Call Server to generate the calls for the dialed numbers. After the dialer checks for the answering machine detections, busy signals, or fax tones, it connects the call to the agents. At the same time, the session manager send CRM information to the agent’s desktop.

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